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what is an aromatherapist ?

An aromatherapist utilizes essential oils to enable the body’s natural healing process. As an aromatherapist, one is professionally trained in the properties of application and contra-indications of essential oils.

‘Essential oils, also known as herbal (or floral) essences, are blended together or used individually to support and promote this healing process. Certification is required to ensure that an aromatherapist is trained to professional standards for the safety of the public, whom (s)he serves.There are many levels of training and standards of certification in the world.

In Canada we have the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA). Certification by the CFA organization allows a professional aromatherapist to utilize the designation CAHP – Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional. ‘This certification requires’ a minimum standard education of 450 hours, plus a completed exam in anatomy, physiology, essential oils and aromatherapy practice. An aromatherapist must have a certificate clearly displayed in his/her office if (s)he claims to be certified by an organization.


my certifications

Aromatherapy Certification by  Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) 


National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) in progress, completion Fall 2017.

additional services

I am also a Certified Life Coach and have come to discover that aromatherapy and life coaching make a wonderful partnership.  Please contact me regarding any interest in one on one life coaching or vision board workshops

Additional Services
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