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You light up my life

Well....another 5 months have past and I am just catching up. Since my last post in the summer going into fall, while I still grieve the loss of my beloved Ella, I have had the honour and privilege of welcoming another Wheaten Terrier into my life. Willow has helped to repair my broken heart and in turn I am giving her a home filled with love, attention and adventure. Willow has sired 18 puppies in her 4 years and has hopped from home to home. A very important dog but one that needed to be spayed and allowed to just be a single dog in a family home. That’s where I came in. I had the pick of her litter and I chose her. She and I had an immediate bond on first site and with some formal training, daily walks and one on one love and affection, she is turning into an amazing companion. I love to come home to her, take her for walks and of course my camera is always in hand to capture the beautiful nature in the village I live in plus the surrounding areas.

While my business is all about aromatherapy, I will interject from time to time with tales (tails) of my adventures with Willow. Her presence in my life has brought me back to nature and isn’t that really what aromatherapy is all about? Stay tuned 🐾💕

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