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Beautiful Bali.

I have just returned from the most magnificent trip to Bali Indonesia. Bali has been #1 on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and the opportunity presented itself and I jumped on it.

The fact I was traveling during a global pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus did not deter me into enjoying all the beautify that Bali had to offer, but I will say that I was extremely cautious with regard to events attended and social distancing as much as possible.

I left Toronto on March 10th at 3:00 pm and finally arrived in Denpasar on March 12th at 12:00 noon. A long journey indeed, but I treated myself to business class seats which made the daunting flights a wee bit easier to tolerate and with the virus at hand, I also felt better being isolated in my own personal pod.

Bali did not disappoint. In fact it exceeded my expectations and my expectations were high.

I can honestly say, in all of my travels, I have never met a kinder, sincere and nurturing people as the Balinese. They just cannot do enough for you and I love the fact we place our hands in prayer and bow to each other when ever we meet.

Our trip consisted of visits to temples, blessings, a perfume workshop, sunrise on the Bali Sea, sunset at the world famous Rock Bar, Fire dance, Monkey Forest, fabulous dining, healthy meals, spa treatments, swimming under waterfalls and a visit to the rice terraces just to name a few.

In a time of a health crisis in the world, I have never felt so healthy and feared going home.

As with all my travels, I find my way to bringing back some aromatherapy. I have 3 exquisite bottles with blends of jasmine, patchouli and sandlewood all waiting to be added to a massage oil, body butter or some other creation.

I must admit that I have never been to a country that smelled so beautiful. The incense, the flowering plants and the purity of the air itself was so inspiring that I can’t wait to begin creating products with Bali in mind.

Home bound was definitely stressful. Airports were closing as we departed. Close quarters brought worry for one’s health and the strongest component was wanting to just touch down in my beloved Canada.

I am now home sweet home, reunited with my dog Willow and on day 10 of quarantine.

I get through my days revisiting my photos and videos of my wonderful trip, drawing on the yoga and meditation we practiced and managed to capture that Zen feel and tucked it deep inside to draw on when needed. I have needed it often.

I am confident we will get through this and come out the other side as a gentler, kinder and more grateful human race.

I vow to visit Bali again. The journey is so worth the benefits obtained.



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