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Do what you need to do

It is the first month of a new year and usually I would be writing about positivity.

Setting goals, intentions and resolutions but, here we are again taking a few steps back in this continued pandemic.

It’s tiring. I’m tired. We are all tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

For me, I think it is the unknown. Not knowing when this will be over or if it ever will

We seemed to take a few steps forward once vaccinations were being administered. Establishments fully opened, people could safely but still cautiously socialize, we could engage in fitness programs to help build our immune systems and energy, border‘s opened and people travelled. The new booster came out to further protect us and others and we seemed good to go.

Not so. We now face restrictions once again. Some businesses are forced to shut down and lay off employees. Where we find ways to energize and care for ourselves in fitness facilities, have now shut down. Our social circles have been minimized.

How does one cope?

I used to be that person who would bounce out of bed at 5am to start my day at a spin or pilates class. I would also be up early with my partner in crime, Willow to catch a spectacular sunrise or just a walk to sit by the river and breathe.

I find now, that my energy level just does not allow for this anymore. I have the desire but find my way to the coffee pot and couch.

So what do we do? Live with it? Continue with the Netflix marathons and comfort food? I am a firm believer of doing what you need to do to get by in these unsettling times.

That can look different to different people.

My New Years intention was to, as always find ways to treat my body better. Eat cleaner, increase my cardio beyond walking from the couch to the kitchen, stretch more and practice yoga everyday.

All doable regardless of government restrictions but I find I am just not that disciplined person who will practice something faithfully. I need to be in a class with an instructor to get the most out of a workout or yoga class. My attention span has been shortened and something shiny at home will always take precedence especially if I am in the middle of a plank or downward dog.

I certainly can make healthier meals but will often fall victim to the scrumptiousness of comfort food.

What I have learned most about these unprecedented times is that no one has the right to judge another on how they cope.

I am responsible for myself. That means living the best life I can and doing what I need to do to cope with certain situations.

I enjoy doing things that bring me the utmost joy.

Walking in nature with Willow.

I am so blessed to be so surrounded with hiking trails, lakes, rivers and canals. I so enjoy taking and sharing photos and love how certain photos I post resonate and conjure up fond memories for many.

More than anything, I love the business I own and continue to grow. Aromatherapy has been a lifelong passion of mine and I am grateful that friends, family and clients support my business and trust my knowledge and expertise when it comes to creating products.

Never has there been a time where a simple sniff of lavender can help calm an anxious mood, the subtle scent and lovely glow of a candle can bring peace and quiet and the nurturing blend of butters and oils together offer comfort to the body and mind.

As we carry on into a new year, let’s not lose hope that our situation can change for the better and we can begin to live our lives again with less worry and angst but in the meantime, do what you need to do to get through the day


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