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Fall is in the air.

There are many things I enjoy about living in the wonderful country of Canada, but the main one is our seasons. I love the change of each season and even embrace the winter (minus the freezing rain and slush).

But.....I must say, my favourite season of all has always been the Fall.

By the end of August, the heat of the summer begins to dissipate and is replaced with a wee chill of air in the early morning and late evening. The bugs are usually gone making outdoor activities a bit more tolerable. September for me is more like the new year. I sign up for courses, I kick up my fitness, I enjoy pouring over warm weather comfort food recipes, love getting out my sweaters and boots and of course love long hot baths in the evening.

Down time was lemonade and sitting on the deck basking in the heat of the sun and now it's a cup of tea and a book or magazine cozied up on the couch.

I am looking forward to conducting my vision board and aromatherapy workshops and of course just love creating more "spicy" aromatherapy products.

I continue to offer my vanilla chai latte scrubs, chai flavoured lip balms as well as any custom blend clients request.

Stay tuned for more updates and you may possibly see a new canine companion featured in my next post.

Chai spices


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