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I'm back

It has certainly been awhile since I've updated my website and blog. I am here to say that I am more dedicated and passionate than ever about growing Body Soup For The Soul, so stay tuned. It is July 2019 and I sit in my backyard oasis listening to the chirping of birds and the hum of lawnmowers around me. Definitely the sounds of summer. I moved last summer from my beloved home in the beach area of Toronto to Queenston, Niagara on the Lake. There have been moments of home sickness but all in all, it was the right decision and I love living with more breathing space, nature and history. I brought my sweet Wheaten Terrier, Ella with me. She was actually born in Niagara on the Lake 12 1/2 years ago, became a famous beach dog and I thought it appropriate I bring her back home. We lived a wonderful almost year of walks to the Brock Monument, daily walks to the Niagara river, drives and then walks through the old historic town of Niagara on the Lake and just hanging out in our spacious backyard. Sadly, it was discovered in March that Ella had developed liver cancer. I was given a wonderful 10 days to nurture and comfort her as she has done for me over the years and on April 5th, I said my good-bye to her and let her go with the grace and dignity she displayed throughout her short life. So, without my partner in crime, what's a girl to do to keep busy, distracted and to try not to dwell on the loss? I took a job in a small shop in town that sells all natural products using pure essential oils. It was lovely to be surrounded with the blend of fragrances and to educate and converse with the many customers, both locals and visitors from all over the world. While I completely respected the owner's experience, formulations and products, in the back of my thoughts, I kept thinking "why am I selling someone else's products when I should be drawing on my own extensive education and creating, promoting and selling my own". So, here we are. Back at it. In the past I have done many markets, have had booths in artisan shops and have had an online store. because I do many custom blends, my inventory was growing and was becoming overwhelming to me as well as to potential clients. I have decided to scale things back a bit and continue to provide my best sellers, NaMiste, Dream On and my many different flavoured lip balms. I want to perfect my efforts at candle making and then slowly grow my collections again. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to profess the wonderful attributes of essential oils and will do so through hands on workshops. So many people are now turning to natural products and essential oils and I would love to know they are using them safely and properly to gain the most benefits. So, as I said at the beginning, stay tuned for more exciting news from Body Soup For The Soul.

My sweet Ella in Queenston, Niagara-on-the-Lake

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