Spring into Spring

It’s been just over a year since Covid invaded our lives and turned the entire world around. Who would ever have guessed we would be living through a global pandemic that has lasted this long and continues to affect us.

Hopefully as individuals we have all done the right thing and followed the guidelines of our government, as ambiguous as those may be, and as the vaccine’s begin to roll out, along with the nicer weather, we see some hope in bringing a bit more normal back into our lives.

While my website has been quiet, my business has not. I am so appreciative of friends, family, clients (new and old) who find what I do to be of value to them during this time.

Creating wellness and love boxes was a joy for me. I carefully chose the products to include and lovingly created each using specific essential and carrier oils to accomplish what I set out to create.

The first being a wellness or self care box. I always say that self care is not selfish care. It has become a necessity. How else to get through these challenging times?

Wind down your day with the velvety feel of a massage oil. I chose specific oils and blended them together to create a feeling of serenity. Add to a warm bath or massage directly on your skin to experience that serene feel.

Add and relax with the warm glow and subtle fragrance of a candle helping you to wind down and take the time to just be.

Enjoy the healing properties of a calming butter butter and then end the day with a spritz of Dream On on your bed linens, in the air or on yourself to help aid you in a restful sleep.

Next up, what would Valentine‘s Day be without love?

I created a self love box to keep for oneself or share with a loved one.

A wonderful new product; whipped soap. I wanted something light and floral so created a lilac and lily fragrance. A small spoonful goes a long way. A long soak in a tub filled with an amazing combination of salts; Epsom, Himalayan and sea salts combined with some pretty flowery and sensual oils can help relax you and get your body ready for a nice sleep.

A lovely massage or lotion bar to massage over your skin after your bath to soothe and combat dryness.

Why not treat yourself to a lovely fragrance to wear throughout the day? Again, soft and sensual oils chosen that could be worn by anyone and as always, a pretty in pink candle with non other than the subtle fragrance of rose to keep that feeling of love going for awhile. Oh, and let’s not forget a little love note in a tiny test tube just because.

With spring now in the air, I will be creating more candles and skin care products to see you through this season.

I will be continuing with my candle of the month and already have ideas in place for April.

I am excited to launch my new website, newsletter and “get back out there” for all to enjoy

Thank you for following me and I so appreciate your patience as I finalize things.

As always: Stay Tuned............