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custom blended aromatherapy products for the

heart, mind & soul

While there are tried and true products available, I love to custom blend products for

  • therapeutic issues

  • personal fragrance

  • skin and body care

  • soap

  • massage oil

  • candles


I will work with you to discuss your need, your favourite fragrances, or to create a special gift taking in mind any health related issues or allergies.


I love to collaborate with businesses specifically in the wellness and hospitality field to ensure clients and guests are receiving the ultimate experience of what you have to offer.

Together we can create a product that will enhance their class, visit or stay.

Realtors are also finding custom blended products added to a gift basket are being positively received.

Contact me for wholesale options and I will respond in two business days.


my story

I started using essential oils many years ago when I wanted to create my own skin care products without using products that were tested on animals.

I took courses, collected wonderful oils and my late husband even built  a beautiful apothecary cabinet to store all my goodies.

Life gets busy, as is often the case, and I found myself stepping away from this passion.

After a wonderful trip to Provence, France, where I visited lavender fields and distilleries, my interest was once again peaked.

In addition, with the diagnosis of cancer and treatments that followed for 2 very dear friends, I wanted to create some products that would comfort and soothe them during their ordeals of chemical ingestion. 


"body soup for the soul" was then created.

As I researched recipes, I decided 2 things - first, why am I re-creating another's recipe ? Why can't I create my own recipes? and....there is so much misguided information around essential oils, that the danger of disrespecting the benefits of the oils could prove to have horrible results.

I then decided to study for my certificate in aromatherapy. This way, I could make more than just creams that smell nice, I could consult with clients and provide products to work with specific issues that are present in their lives.

Please continue to re-visit this and my facebook page for information on my products and the benefits of essential oils, and I will be happy to share my knowledge with anyone interested in living a more natural and healthy lifestyle.



Hey everyone, just wanted to do a public THANK YOU to the wonderful Gail Smith Beverly Kendall, she created an aromatherapy spray (to apply on a pillow at night time) and a scented oil to use as a perfume for my 6 year old that suffers from aniexity. I have had 3 consecutive restful sleeps in my own bed and a rested daughter that is waking up without having had nightmares and a smile on her face.  The difference is amazing. Thank you again so much. My household owes you my sanity. 

~ Lisa L

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