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My Story

 I started using essential oils many years ago when I wanted to create my own skin care products without using products that were tested on animals. I took courses, collected wonderful oils and my late husband even built  a beautiful apothecary cabinet to store all my goodies.

Life gets busy, as is often the case, and I found myself stepping away from this passion.

 After a wonderful trip to Provence France, where I visited lavender fields and distilleries, my interest was once again peaked.

In addition, with the diagnosis of cancer and treatments that followed for 2 very dear friends, I wanted to create some products that would comfort and soothe them during their ordeals of chemical ingestion. 


Body Soup for the Soul was then created.

As I researched recipes, I decided 2 things. First, why am I re-creating another's recipe?  Why can't I create my own recipes? And....there is so much misguided information around essential oils, that the danger of disrespecting the benefits of the oils could prove to have horrible results.

I then decided to study for my certificate in aromatherapy. This way, I could make more than just creams that smell nice, I could consult with clients and provide products to work with specific issues that are present in their lives.

Please continue to re-visit this and my facebook page for information on my products and the benefits of essential oils, and I will be happy to share my knowledge with anyone interested in living a more natural and healthy lifestyle.



Hey everyone, just wanted to do a public THANK YOU to the wonderful Gail Smith Beverly Kendall, she created an aromatherapy spray (to apply on a pillow at night time) and a scented oil to use as a perfume for my 6 year old that suffers from aniexity. I have had 3 consecutive restful sleeps in my own bed and a rested daughter that is waking up without having had nightmares and a smile on her face.  The difference is amazing. Thank you again so much. My household owes you my sanity. 

~ Lisa L